“What I say to you in the dark, tell in the light;
and what you hear whispered, proclaim from the housetops.”
(Mt. 10:27 NRSV)


A pastor promised his congregation that, if the Sunday School had fifty in attendance, he would preach standing on the church roof.  The members took their preacher’s promise as a challenge; a record number showed up the following Sunday, and the thrilled pastor happily climbed the waiting latter.  Neighbors, normally not church-going folks, crowded the church lawn.  Coming more as spectators than worshippers, the visiting neighbors got more than they expected.  All within earshot heard a Gospel message, some for their first time.  Matthew, Chapter 10, verse27 was the obvious text.  The fortunate pastor had an opportunity to proclaim Jesus Christ from the housetop.

Today, Christian witnesses have an opportunity to proclaim their Savor from the housetops like never before.  God has blessed his people through technologically gifted individuals and the creation of the world wide web.  The internet and its resulting modes of communication are the 21st Century housetops.  Thank God for the small country churches, the tent revivals, street evangelists and the one-on-one witnesses; they are needed today more than ever.  They are reaching lost and hurting souls who will never be touched by any other means.

Today’s opportunities to proclaim Jesus Christ are endless.  Unfortunately, as always, some folks are slow to catch on, and the people behind this blog are no exception.  Pray that this new site manages to climb that waiting ladder leading up to the new housetop


photo: edwin andrade





The Afraid To Pray Series

Prayer is the single most important element in the life of a Christian.  Prayer to the one true God through his son Jesus Christ is the essence of Christianity.  Being a Christian starts with a single prayer, and thereafter, relies upon prayer.  Prayer is the pathway to God’s love and grace.  Prayer takes us to the healing, forgiveness, joy and peace that is in Jesus Christ. Without prayer, the life of a Christian is incomplete.  Without prayer, Christianity does not exist.

There are people, Christians and non-Christians alike, that are afraid to pray.  In the most extreme cases, these folks are actually afraid, scared to pray.  Less extreme and more common are the cases where individuals, for whatever reason, become reluctant to pray.   Something is discouraging or preventing their prayers.

This series attempts to help individuals discover and eliminate obstacles in the way of a healthy prayer life.  It seeks to identify attitudes, beliefs and other influences that are a hindrance to their prayers.  This series hopes to encourage folks to pray, pray more often and appreciate their time spent in prayer. Whether an individual is yet to pray his first prayer or has prayed since childhood, Afraid To Pray attempts to overcome any hindrance to having a greater relationship with Jesus Christ through prayer

Who can benefit by this series?  Pastors, teachers, Christian counselors or anyone who is involved in Christian ministry can benefit by reading its contents.    A good friend of someone who is having a problem with her prayer life, can discover a way to help solve the problem.   An individual who is experiencing a difficulty praying about a particular need or a Christian seeking to strengthen and protect his prayer life and his relationship with Jesus Christ – will find assistance by these posts.  “Old-time prayer warriors” who understands that an attack on prayer is an attack on Christians, can commandeer a new weapon in their arsenal.